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Download Samsung Odin 3.10

Samsung Odin is windows based ROM Flashing tool / rooting tool specially made for Samsung smart Phones and tablets. You must download Samsung Odin in order to flash / Root or install customs ROMs to your Samsung android device. Odin is most needed tool in order to Root Samsung android device. You can find Samsung Odin download links through our download section. The latest version of the Samsung Odin is Odin 3.10.

Odin android

Download Odin versions free

There are various ROM .tar files for various Samsung smartphones that require various (again) methods of flashing with Odin. Please always refer to the sticky guide threads in your phone’s designated XDA sub forum and the first post in the topic of the ROM you are going to flash on how to EXACTLY flash the ROM’s .tar files with Odin to your phone.

Samsung Odin download updates Change-logs

The latest Odin 3.09 has some major updates and now supports a wide range of Samsung smart phones.

The important thing is you need to make sure to select the right Samsung Odin version for your Samsung device, in the extreme of the time if you rooted, then flashed custom ROM by means of Odin v1.85, it will presumably works with other Samsung Odin versions (Odin 3.09, Odin 3.07, Odin 3.06, Samsung 3.07)

Download previous version Samsung Odin 3.07 with minor updates & more Samsung Odin device support!

Use Odin and install stock / official Android on Galaxy S5

  1. As I have mentioned, a computer is being required; on the same you need todownload Odin from above free links
  2. Install the program and then download the Android firmware for your Galaxy S5 – visit for downloading the official update.
  3. Also install the Galaxy S5 USB drivers and unzip the firmware file on the same folder as Odin.
  4. Enter your smartphone in download mode by pressing on Volume down, power and home buttons at the same time.
  5. Run Odin on your computer and then connect your devices via USB cable.
  6. On the program the ID:COM section should now turn yellow or blue and the “added” message must be displayed – if not retry the guide from step 1.
  7. Up next from Odin pick “PA” and select the update file; don’t make any other changes and click on “start”.
  8. In the end the “pass” message will be displayed and the ID:COM section will turn green meaning that you are done.
  9. So, now you should know how to update Samsung Galaxy S5 with OTA or stock / official Android firmware.

Video on how to install stock / official Android on Galaxy S5 with Odin

How to Unroot Galaxy S5 with ODIN and Stock Firmware!

This will get your Galaxy S5 completely back to 100% stock and unrooted.  This can also be very useful if you are returning your Galaxy S5 to the store for warranty purposes or you want to unroot your phone completely.Before we begin, please MAKE A BACKUP of everything on your Galaxy S5 by copying your personal files to your hard disk (or microSD).  You can even make a backup copy of your backup ROM if you intend to restore your ROM on another phone.

Video guide on how to unroot galaxy S5 with Odin and stock firmware

Why Root Galaxy S5?

  • Backup/restore everything on your phone which will back up the whole OS including your apps, settings, and more
  • There’s many rooted apps on the Play Store that you can only run with a rooted phone and another reason to root your Galaxy S5.   For example, I use DSLR Controller app to use rooted my S5 as remote view for my Canon 7D DSLR camera.  You can also use Titanium Backup app easily to backup your apps and restore them.
  • You can install custom ROMs easily on a rooted Galaxy S5
  • Free Wi-Fi tether

How to Flash Official Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S4 by Odin

Odin is Samsung software that was leaked a few years ago and has the ability to flash firmware on Samsung devices. It is a very powerful tool that can benefit you a lot, but at the same time is also very dangerous. In the wrong hands it can brick your phone in a second. That’s why you need to be really careful when you use it and to make sure that you know what you are doing before using it. Odin 3.10 update released by the XDA developers recently. Odin 3.10.0 version includes some improvements than the odin 3.09 version. Custom ROMs are bit different from stock ROMs. As well as modifications of interface and performance. So download Odin 3.10.0 latest version and flash your android device easily.

Odin android

Odin 3.10 3.09 3.07 free download links

Requirements :

1- Official firmware for the model number of your device
2- Odin3
3- Samsung Kies or Samsung mobile driver
4- USB cable
5- Charged galaxy device
6- Windows PC

These are Samsung Galaxy S4 variants full factory firmware or stock ROM, official releases from OTA (over-the-air) or Kies firmware server. These are unmodified or unrooted, it’s all original and very useful for restoring back your Samsung Galaxy S4 devices to its original factory default settings. These stock firmware are for Galaxy S4built with quad-core version for North America that has a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 SoC containing a quad-core 1.9 GHz Krait 300 CPU and an Adreno 320 GPU.

Flash Official Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S4- Video guide

How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN on Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Back up all the important data of your phone such as messages, contacts etc.
  2. Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S4 is charged fully or above 80%.
  3. DownloadOdin and then install it on your PC
  4. Download Samsung galaxy MD5
  5. Download 7Zip orWinrsr

Hoe to Update Galaxy S4 Firmware via OTA

As I mentioned above, you can update your Galaxy S4’s in more than one way. The most preferred and safest method among users to get the latest update on their Android. If you have a good data or WiFi connection Over-the-Air update is the best way to avail new software. Here are 2 ways you can receive the OTA firmware update. Both the ways require a working internet connection on your computer or Galaxy S4.

Download Odin to Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

When you root any device it offers the root access otherwise administrative rights to the own Android device. After then you will be able to do more and more customizations with your Android device. Usually we use Odin tool to root Samsung galaxy Tab 3 10.1. You can fee download Odin from below links.

Odin dwnload

Download Odin free from here

What Odin rooting process will do with its root?

  • Remove all pre install apps
  • So you can have a free space to save more
  • Preserve battery life
  • Update to a new version of Android

So let’s see how to Root Samsung Galaxy tab 3.10.1 via download Odin.

Download Odin rooting process – pre requires

  • Working windows computer
  • Install custom recovery
  • Download Odin version- free direct download links are available above

Step guide on Flashing a Custom Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 with latest Odin download

1st step: Extract file from Download Odin

2nd step:  then archive CMW recovery

3rd step: click twice on Odin

4th step: click ‘PDA’

5th step: select CWM Recovery file

6th step: switch the device off

7th step: Turn it back on by holding down Volume DOWN + Power keys together.

8th step: now the device will reboot in to download condition

9th step: connect the PC and the device

10th step: in Odin hit ‘start’

Now the flashing process will be complete.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

  1. Plug in the device to the computer
  2. Copy the Root ZIP file from the Desktop.
  3. After it copied, disconnect the device and PC connection.
  4. Turn OFF the device.
  5. Turn on back again by holding down Volume UP+Powerbuttonstogether.
  6. Reboot the device into recovery mode.
  7. Choose ‘install’ zip
  8. Select ‘Root’ ZIP
  9. Flashing the file on your device will launch now
  10. Reboot the device after the flash.

It is done with Odin download.

How to Use ODIN on Android

ODIN is a third-party, Windows-based program created specifically to flash files such as ROMs on Samsung Smartphone. ODIN is used in several different circumstances, such as flashing firmware or installing a custom ROM on the Smartphone. ODIN has no special requirements beyond the Samsung USB drivers, which may be installed on your computer already depending on your Smartphone usage.

Odin android

Odin free download from here

how Odin works on Android step tutorial and video tutorial

  1. Purchase Mobile Odin
  2. Open the Google Play Store app.
  3. Type “Mobile Odin Pro” in the search bar.
  4. Purchase the app.
  5. Install
  6. You can proceed to the next step.
  7. Obtain the Necessary Files
  8. Look for the right kernel
  9. Launch Mobile Odin
  10. Open the app
  11. Tap “Grant.”
  12. Flash a Kernel
  13. Check the installed kernel

Important: If you do not see the port number in any of ID:COM boxes or if the box does not turn yellow, please do not proceed and check if the USB drivers are installed correctly and the device is connected via USB. If you do see the message, it means that your device was detected successfully by Odin and you can now flash any firmware files onto your device using Odin.

Latest Odin 3.10 Download

Odin is a very close tool for Samsung device users. Because most of all Android users download Odin to flash their devices. Currently Odin 3.10 is the latest version which available among all Odin firmware versions. This latest version out few weeks ago by XDA developers. Further Android Odin latest version has the fixes on previous bugs and errors

Odin 3.10 download

Download Odin 3.10 free from here

System Requirements – Latest Odin 3.10

  • Windows operated Computer
  • latest USB drivers
  • The proper Custom ROM file
  • Installation of ADB and FASTBOOT Tools

How Odin 3.10 doing Samsung Odin Flash

Backup the data first as flashing is irreversible

Download Odin 3.10 & install

Connect device to the computer

Off the device you have for 30 seconds and switch Smartphone on.

Launch Samsung Odin 3.10

Click Auto Reboot and “PIT” (an additional feature)

Click “Start”. Wait a few seconds and then you have your device flashed.

Samsung Odin 3.10 Download and Flash video Guide

Samsung Odin Latest Version FAQs

Q: is Odin 3.10 free?

A: yes. Download Odin free from above link

Q: can please tell me about the supported ROM file extensions by latest Odin 3.10?

A: only for *.tar and *.md5 files

Download Odin Latest Version 3.10.0 and all previous Versions

Samsung is the one who developed this Odin rooting tool kit. Odin latest version can be download on all Samsung Android devices. However this Odin free software is a windows based tool. Easily download ODIN and install is the best available option to flash a custom ROM. Flashing is a term that is part of the ever-growing mobile lingo dictionary and it says updating or modifying the firmware; stored in the flash memory or the ROM of your Smartphone.

Odin 3.10.0 download

Download Odin free download links

Download ODIN Utilize procedure

We don’t want an expert knowledge to use Odin tool. Only you have to download proper Odin version from our download links and to follow the step tutorial. You can connect the device and the pc and then follow onscreen guidelines. The file types that Odin uses are *.bin,*.tar and *.tar.md5.

Install download Odin – how to

You know there are various firmware versions related to Odin rooting tool kit. You have to find out the latest and compatible version to your device. If you are a latest Samsung device user I recommend you to select the Odin latest version to your device since it is better. If you are with previous Odin versions, update it now so that you can use the version that has all the earlier bugs fixed and that creates the flashing of the device a much simpler process.

Odin install video guide

Install Odin step guide

Step01- Download Odin Zip file

Step 02- Extract file from the zip folder

Step 03- plug in the android smartphone to the computer

Step 04- switch off the phone for 30 seconds and then switch it on to ODIN mode

Step 05- Open the ODIN software that you extracted on your system

Step 06- check the options based on your requirement

Step 07- Click on ‘auto reboot’

Step 08- check ‘PIT’.

Step 09- Then select the .pit file you need to upgrade your firmware

Step 10- press ‘Start’

Step 11- phone will be upgraded and automatically rebooted, once the odin install process complete

root access on your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 using Odin

Odin download is the most popular ROM flashing tool for any kind of android devices. Odin application developed by XDA developers. Recently they released Odin 3.10.0 latest version completely free to the public. They added more improvements for new update than the earlier version Odin 3.09.

Odin download

Free Odin download links

How to gain root access on your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 using Odin- step guide

  1. Download the next zip files to your computer and extract them into two separate folders. Go to your computer and launch the Odin tool.
  2. Turn off your handset
  3. Connect Samsung Galaxy S2 to the PC
  4. Boot the Galaxy S2 device into “Download Mode”.
    Press the “PDA” button on Odin and load this file “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar” from your pc
  5. Then hit the “Start” button
  6. Wait for the rooting process.
  7. Finally your device will automatically reboot and you have to unplug the USB cable.

Video on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 root using Odin- step guide