Download Samsung Odin 3.10

Samsung Odin is windows based ROM Flashing tool / rooting tool specially made for Samsung smart Phones and tablets. You must download Samsung Odin in order to flash / Root or install customs ROMs to your Samsung android device. Odin is most needed tool in order to Root Samsung android device. You can find Samsung Odin download links through our download section. The latest version of the Samsung Odin is Odin 3.10.

Odin android

Download Odin versions free

There are various ROM .tar files for various Samsung smartphones that require various (again) methods of flashing with Odin. Please always refer to the sticky guide threads in your phone’s designated XDA sub forum and the first post in the topic of the ROM you are going to flash on how to EXACTLY flash the ROM’s .tar files with Odin to your phone.

Samsung Odin download updates Change-logs

The latest Odin 3.09 has some major updates and now supports a wide range of Samsung smart phones.

The important thing is you need to make sure to select the right Samsung Odin version for your Samsung device, in the extreme of the time if you rooted, then flashed custom ROM by means of Odin v1.85, it will presumably works with other Samsung Odin versions (Odin 3.09, Odin 3.07, Odin 3.06, Samsung 3.07)

Download previous version Samsung Odin 3.07 with minor updates & more Samsung Odin device support!

Use Odin and install stock / official Android on Galaxy S5

  1. As I have mentioned, a computer is being required; on the same you need todownload Odin from above free links
  2. Install the program and then download the Android firmware for your Galaxy S5 – visit for downloading the official update.
  3. Also install the Galaxy S5 USB drivers and unzip the firmware file on the same folder as Odin.
  4. Enter your smartphone in download mode by pressing on Volume down, power and home buttons at the same time.
  5. Run Odin on your computer and then connect your devices via USB cable.
  6. On the program the ID:COM section should now turn yellow or blue and the “added” message must be displayed – if not retry the guide from step 1.
  7. Up next from Odin pick “PA” and select the update file; don’t make any other changes and click on “start”.
  8. In the end the “pass” message will be displayed and the ID:COM section will turn green meaning that you are done.
  9. So, now you should know how to update Samsung Galaxy S5 with OTA or stock / official Android firmware.

Video on how to install stock / official Android on Galaxy S5 with Odin

How to Unroot Galaxy S5 with ODIN and Stock Firmware!

This will get your Galaxy S5 completely back to 100% stock and unrooted.  This can also be very useful if you are returning your Galaxy S5 to the store for warranty purposes or you want to unroot your phone completely.Before we begin, please MAKE A BACKUP of everything on your Galaxy S5 by copying your personal files to your hard disk (or microSD).  You can even make a backup copy of your backup ROM if you intend to restore your ROM on another phone.

Video guide on how to unroot galaxy S5 with Odin and stock firmware

Why Root Galaxy S5?

  • Backup/restore everything on your phone which will back up the whole OS including your apps, settings, and more
  • There’s many rooted apps on the Play Store that you can only run with a rooted phone and another reason to root your Galaxy S5.   For example, I use DSLR Controller app to use rooted my S5 as remote view for my Canon 7D DSLR camera.  You can also use Titanium Backup app easily to backup your apps and restore them.
  • You can install custom ROMs easily on a rooted Galaxy S5
  • Free Wi-Fi tether

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