Latest Odin 3.10 Download

Odin is a very close tool for Samsung device users. Because most of all Android users download Odin to flash their devices. Currently Odin 3.10 is the latest version which available among all Odin firmware versions. This latest version out few weeks ago by XDA developers. Further Android Odin latest version has the fixes on previous bugs and errors

Odin 3.10 download

Download Odin 3.10 free from here

System Requirements – Latest Odin 3.10

  • Windows operated Computer
  • latest USB drivers
  • The proper Custom ROM file
  • Installation of ADB and FASTBOOT Tools

How Odin 3.10 doing Samsung Odin Flash

Backup the data first as flashing is irreversible

Download Odin 3.10 & install

Connect device to the computer

Off the device you have for 30 seconds and switch Smartphone on.

Launch Samsung Odin 3.10

Click Auto Reboot and “PIT” (an additional feature)

Click “Start”. Wait a few seconds and then you have your device flashed.

Samsung Odin 3.10 Download and Flash video Guide

Samsung Odin Latest Version FAQs

Q: is Odin 3.10 free?

A: yes. Download Odin free from above link

Q: can please tell me about the supported ROM file extensions by latest Odin 3.10?

A: only for *.tar and *.md5 files


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