Download Odin Latest Version 3.10.0 and all previous Versions

Samsung is the one who developed this Odin rooting tool kit. Odin latest version can be download on all Samsung Android devices. However this Odin free software is a windows based tool. Easily download ODIN and install is the best available option to flash a custom ROM. Flashing is a term that is part of the ever-growing mobile lingo dictionary and it says updating or modifying the firmware; stored in the flash memory or the ROM of your Smartphone.

Odin 3.10.0 download

Download Odin free download links

Download ODIN Utilize procedure

We don’t want an expert knowledge to use Odin tool. Only you have to download proper Odin version from our download links and to follow the step tutorial. You can connect the device and the pc and then follow onscreen guidelines. The file types that Odin uses are *.bin,*.tar and *.tar.md5.

Install download Odin – how to

You know there are various firmware versions related to Odin rooting tool kit. You have to find out the latest and compatible version to your device. If you are a latest Samsung device user I recommend you to select the Odin latest version to your device since it is better. If you are with previous Odin versions, update it now so that you can use the version that has all the earlier bugs fixed and that creates the flashing of the device a much simpler process.

Odin install video guide

Install Odin step guide

Step01- Download Odin Zip file

Step 02- Extract file from the zip folder

Step 03- plug in the android smartphone to the computer

Step 04- switch off the phone for 30 seconds and then switch it on to ODIN mode

Step 05- Open the ODIN software that you extracted on your system

Step 06- check the options based on your requirement

Step 07- Click on ‘auto reboot’

Step 08- check ‘PIT’.

Step 09- Then select the .pit file you need to upgrade your firmware

Step 10- press ‘Start’

Step 11- phone will be upgraded and automatically rebooted, once the odin install process complete


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